Printing - Tangle

A Word About Printing

Not all photo labs are the same. We recommend using our website, If you purchase digitals and would like to make prints, you will most likely need a copy of the print release form which we provided on the flash drive or on your Google Drive link.

Please don't print our prints using a 1 hour photo lab as the quality is often compromised. They are great for last minute prints, but if you are going to frame a print, you should pay a couple dollars more and get a person that actually looks at the photo and higher paper quality and finishes. We recommend, or There are lots of print labs online, these are the ones we use most often and they guarantee their work.


A few things to know about sizing: 8x10, 5x7 and 4x6 require different "crops". Your wallet is about the same size as a 5x7, however to round the corners requires a little extra comes off the edge. See examples below. This one is a 4x6 original, no crop lines. This one is cropped 5x7, a little trim. This one is 8x10, a bit more square.