What should I expect at the Photo Shoot?

We’re going to have some fun and shoot several hundred pictures! We will walk around outdoors and shooting various backgrounds and outfits. 

Check out our gallery of senior portaits for ideas

Not a model? Not a problem!

We will pose you and try to make you comfortable. We can show you most poses pretty quick. Expect to hear the following phrases a lot! Bend your elbows, lean forward, tilt your head and cross your legs. Smile!

Please read:

1) Clothing.  Bring a couple changes of clothes, one fun, one conservative, one solid. You can always bring more and we can advise at the time of the first change.  Try not to get too bright or too much pattern with the outfits, avoid shirts with words or names on them unless they are sentimental. If wearing a dress we recommend athletic shorts and camis underneath as we might  be asking you to lie down. Also bring along comfortable shoes; we will be walking around quite a bit.

2) Accessories.  Necklaces, bracelets and earrings all show, why not bring different ones to add some interest?

3) Hair.  Wind can be a challenge.  Bring a comb, brush and some product to help keep the flyaways under control.  If you are going to get your haircut, try to do it a week or two before the appointment.

4) Skin.  We can deal with acne and other skin problems through the magic of Photoshop. Glasses and braces are a challenge and may cost more to change in the editing room.  Take lenses out of glasses if you are able. Be careful with shaving/waxing of the face. Double check with a  magnifying mirror that you didn't miss any spots.

5) Picture add-on's.  Instruments, sports gear and uniforms are welcome.

6) Cleanliness.  You will be asked to sit in whatever is available, a plastic bag or small towel can be helpful to sit on if you don't want your clothes to get dirty.  Hand-sanitizer is a good idea.

7) Changing.  Hand sanitizer - Expect to change in a public bathroom or a car.  Ladies, if you are wearing a dress, we recommend wearing a cami and shorts under it for ease of changing.  Guys, a t-shirt or tank under your shirt will make for quick changes.

8) Water bottle - we may or may not be able to supply water.  We want you hydrated and happy.  If it's really hot, you may want something to wipe your face.  

9) Lips - Chapstick / Lipstick recommended.

10) Makeup - Avoid glitter eye shadow as it reflects the light and makes spots.  Be careful with the mascara as the closeups are REALLY close.

11) Family - If you are comfortable with family members watching, they are welcome.  They may end up in a photo or two, so dress accordingly.

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