What should I expect at the Photo Shoot?

We’re going to have some fun and shoot lots of pictures! We will walk around outdoors and shooting various backgrounds for 1-2 hours.

A release form must be signed before the shoot. We prefer $100 dollars down to reserve your spot which is then applied to a package.  A package must be selected and paid for prior to the shoot.  Checks can be made payable to Tangle Photography.

Packages and Pricing are explained here: http://www.tanglephotography.com/Pricing

Sample shots: http://www.tanglephotography.com/Family

Not  models? Not a problem! We will pose you and try to make you as comfortable as possible. We can show you most poses pretty quickly.

Please read before the shoot:

1) Clothing. Consider natural hues that go well together and not necessarily matchy, matchy. Another thing to think about is where this will be hanging in your home. Do you want it to coordinate or stand out, it's up to you.

2) Hair.  Wind can be a challenge.  Bring a comb, brush and some product to help keep the flyaways under control.  If you are going to get your haircut, try to do it a week or two before the appointment.

3) Skin.  We can deal with acne and other skin problems. Glasses and braces are a challenge and may cost more to change in the editing room.  Men - be careful shaving, double check that you didn't miss any major growth.

4) Cleanliness.  You might be asked to sit on whatever is available, a plastic bag or small towel can be helpful to sit on if you don't want your clothes to get dirty.  Hand sanitizer is also a good idea.

5) Water. We may or may not be able to supply water.   If it's really hot, you may also want something to wipe perspiration from your face and something to help with shine.  

6) Lips. Lip Balm / Lipstick recommended.

7) Makeup.  Avoid glitter eye shadow as it reflects the light and makes odd spots.  Be careful with the mascara as the closeups are REALLY close.

8) Young children. We love kids, you love your kids, let's all try to come up with entertainment for the kids so they enjoy the day too.  Bubbles, toys, balls and iPads with movies can be good things to have available.  Also make sure they are well fed/rested and have used the restroom prior to the session. Non-messy snacks might be a good idea, but please make sure they don't turn your sweet angels' teeth green! ;)

9) Pets. Dogs are cool, bring some water, a few toys and of course, lots of treats!  

10) Weather. We don't use a studio and prefer not to shoot indoors for family portraits.  If it is raining we will reschedule, if it is predicted to rain but looks dry, we will probably shoot as the weatherman is only about 50% right.